Alternatives to Keyword level Call Tracking

OK so you don’t want to spend any more money than you need to, there are alternatives to using a Keyword level call tracking system such as AdTraka.   We will review a few of them here, with the things to watch for, if you have any more, please let us know.

Ask the Caller

You could just ask the caller what they searched for.   Some will remember, some won’t, the other problem is that if they have been on your site for any length of time, they are more likely to remember words from your pages, rather than what they actually searched for.

This can work:

  • If you double check everything with your analytics package (did anyone actually come to your website today with that search term?).
  • You analyse the information statistically to remove as much incorrect information as possible.

Using Data Proxies

By using more readily available data, such as bounce rate or time on site, you can have a (good?) guess at what is converting into phone calls and what isn’t.   You will never truly know where you are right and where you are wrong, unless you see a huge dip in telephone enquiries once you drop a keyphrase.

At best this is good guesswork.  If you do want to use this method then please use statistics heavily to make sure you are confident of what you are doing, and track everything heavily afterwards, to make sure of your decision.

Multivariate Testing

This is quite an innovative solution we have tried ourselves, but it became more expensive and slower than call tracking, so we stopped using it.

The theory is quite simple, switch keywords on and off in accordance with a multivariate testing table (Taguchi seems to be the most popular at the moment).  Monitor the telephone enquiries you get, tie these in with the experiments and hey presto, you have some stats. Of course you need to analyse these, but there is plenty of information on that on the internet.

Control of this is quite difficult, and you will have to be very regimented about it, as if you attribute a call to the wrong test, it can be very difficult to rectify the data.  Be also aware that not everyone calls straight away – it may be several hours before a caller will phone you.

Hopefully thats covered most of the alternatives to a keyword level call tracking system, if you want to give any a go do let us know how you get on.

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