Do I need keyword level call tracking?

Maybe, a more helpful question would be ‘How much of your sales come by incoming calls’.  If only a few of your sales are by incoming calls, then you can use traditional web analytics and not need keyword level call tracking at all, standard analytics should give you a good enough idea of which keywords are converting.

However, if you do have a significant proportion on your sale coming via incoming calls then you should definitely be considering tracking your calls down to keyword level.

It is often quoted that Pareto said 80% of causes come from 20% of effects.

Or, in online marketing terms, 80% of your turnover comes from 20% of your online advertising spend.

The question is, which 20%?

Call tracking will allow you to identify that 20%, with a degree of accuracy that may surprise you.

And that 20% saving isn’t just for Christmas, oh no, it’s for life.   After you have identified the keyphrases that sell and finished using your chosen call tracking system, visitors won’t suddenly hop to a new keyphrase, so you’ll keep on making those savings.

Can I use call tracking for anything more?

That depends on the keyword level call tracking system you choose to use. Certainly the more advanced systems can tell you quite a bit more (our own included), such as

  • The last page visitors saw before calling you.
  • How many times they came on to your site before calling you.
  • The organic and paid phrase they used to get to your site.
  • Their IP address so you can physically locate their location.

Will it be worthwhile?

Well that depends on a lot, but the rule of thumb tends to be, if you are spending over £1,000 per month on pay per click, then you will probably find call tracking worthwhile, particularly if that is over large amount of keyphrases.

So if your business receives incoming sales call, is spending more than £1,000 per month and would like to reduce your PPC costs, you should really be talking to us about keyword level call tracking.

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