What can AdTraka do for you?

So what’s so fantastic about AdTraka, well we might be a little biased but you can

  • Want to find out exactly how much it costs to generate a sales call?
  • Want to know how many pounds it costs to make that phone ring?
  • AdTraka will show you a customer’s movement through your website and will integrate the phone call so you have end to end transparency in your sales call.
  • If you have incoming sales calls you need to track your calls back to keyword level in Google. This will clearly show which keywords are generating sales and revenue for you.
  • You can use our transparent call tracking (both online and by phone) to see exactly which campaign made your phone ring and how often.
  • AdTraka allows you to see what key phrases made your phone ring.
  • AdTraka will show you which key phrases are working for you – so you save money with Google too.

What else can AdTraka do for your business?

  • The last page visitors saw before calling you.
  • How many times they came on to your site before calling you.
  • The organic and paid phrase they used to get to your site.
  • Their IP address so you can physically locate their location.

If you are spending over £1,000 per month on PPC, then you will find call tracking invaluable especially if you use a large amount of key phrases.

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