About AdTraka – Call Tracking Analytics made easy

Call Tracking Analytics made easy – the history of AdTraka

AdTraka was the brain child of the techies at Dragons Clinic Limited.  Dragons Clinic had been creating niche websites since 2003 in a variety of industries.  We made our money from creating highly profitable websites in niche industries.

In 2005, we created a financial services website that generated telephone enquiries and quickly realised in a hole in our web analytics – we had no way of knowing which keyphrases were generating the telephone sales. As we were spending close on £8,000 per month on Adwords, it created a little concern.

Despite some in depth research, we couldn’t find a system that would tell us which keyphrases resulted in phone calls.

In early 2006 the first incarnation of AdTraka as a call tracking analytics system was born, it was a very rough and ready system (Heath Robinson would have been proud) but it did tell us which keywords generated telephone enquiries.

It didn’t take long for the Directors to realise that if we couldn’t find a system, then other people couldn’t. For the next year we spent our time developing a commercial version of AdTraka.  By the time we’d finished it bore little resemblance to the original system, but that’s programmers for you.

At it’s heart it is still a system designed with our clients profitability in mind, it just does it a lot more effectively.  Oh, and in case you were wondering – with in 6 months we’d reduced our Adwords bill to £600 per month and within 12 months we had focused our SEO efforts on those few keywords, so now pay nothing for those phrases.

The future of AdTraka is developing new enhancements and extensions to the package so our clients increase their website profitability.  At time of writing this we are are planning the launch of version 4, and version 5 is already in development.

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