Call Tracking with Google Analytics and Email Campaigns

Despite what most agencies would have you believe, not all website visitors are created by search engines.   Indeed, for some websites most will come by email campaigns.

So how do you identify visitors that have come through an email campaign?

Step 1: Set up a campaign for your email campaign.  If you are testing several different versions of emails, then you will need several different campaigns.   Once you have set up these campaigns, you will have your campaign id’s.

Simply append your campaign id’s to any links heading towards your website, this will identify this visitor as having come from this email, and so it will show up in your analytics reports.

Wait a minute!

What if someone calls you from the email without going to the website – what then?   When setting up your campaign you will be given a default number.  This number is allocated to the email campaign alone, so any calls coming through it will be treated as if they had been generated by that email.

Just add this number as your phone number in your emails, and then that’s it.

You can now see the calls generated by your emails right there in Google Analytics.

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