PPC Optimization with Call tracking

Sometimes you don’t want to monitor all your traffic that generates phone calls.  Indeed, it can get in the way if you do.  AdTraka allows you the option to track selected campaigns only.

What does this mean?

AdTraka can select to deliver phone numbers to web visitors what have come via a tagged link (i.e. one that you have set up, such as PPC). Everyone else will see the default number only.

So if you have tagged the destination URLs for your PPC campaign with your campaign tag, visitors from these campaigns will have dynamic numbers delivered.   However, visitors coming to your website from other sources will only see your normal number.

How do I Implement PPC Call Tracking?

You need to add two lines to your header script:

ppc_only =1;


and that’s it!    AdTraka will now only deliver numbers to tagged visitors.

Please note that this means you won’t see any of your organic traffic showing up on your call reports, or if you have missed a tag on your destination URLs, these also won’t show.

From the data you get now – you can truly optimize your PPC campaign for telephone calls.

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