Call Tracking with multiple offices

It may well be that not every number that appears on your website will be going to the same destination. For instance you may have several sites, and you will have separate numbers for each of these on your website. AdTraka can be configured so you work with several destinations for your call tracking.

OK, to set the destination numbers separately simply go to the wrapper for each number (the <span class=‘adtrakaTelephone’ bit)  and add a line within the initial span tag that reads :

destination = ‘xxxxx’;

where xxxx is the destination number you want for that number.

So, if we had two offices, one in Southampton and one in Bournemouth.

For the appearance of the Southampton number we would set the wrapper to:

<span class=‘adtrakaTelephone’ destination=‘0238123456’>

and for Bournemouth it would be

<span class=‘adtrakaTelephone’ destination=‘01202123456’>

and that’s it!  AdTraka picks up on the different destination numbers and displays different numbers for each of them.

But I want geographic numbers appearing for the relevant sites

Geographic numbers have a higher conversion rate than freephone in their own area, so it is wise to use geographic numbers if your target market place is in that area.

To do this with AdTraka we would simply set a prefix variable with in the span.   So, for our Southampton example, to make sure only Southampton numbers appear, we would use:

<span class=‘adtrakaTelephone destination=‘0238123456’ prefix=‘0238’>

This means AdTraka will only display Southampton geographic numbers at this location.

And there you go, AdTraka is now configured to track calls to as many destinations as you need.

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