Testing Adverts with Call Tracking.

You may well have got used to testing adverts to visitor, or click, level, but what about testing for the conversion after. This can be even more significant with Call Tracking.

Note: Although this application note is written for Pay Per Click Campaigns, the principles can be applied to any form of advertising such as email campaigns, mailshots and banners.

The first stage of any advertising testing is to come up with different adverts.  With PPC adverts this is fairly straightforward as you only have two (or maybe three) different elements to test:

The advert title

The advert body.

Although the body can be broken down into two possible elements – either two lines as you do with Google Adwords or the hook (the section that confirms interest) and the call to action (getting the recipient to do something).

So for each different version of the advert we will need a different campaign setting up on AdTraka. For each of these you will get a different tag (_t=). Simply add the tag to the destination url for the advert.  It does help at this stage to all your campaign something descriptive.

Now go to events, and view the telephone conversions by campaign – this will show how many telephone conversions you have per campaign, and how many impressions that advert had.

This where many people make a basic mistake. We need to know if we are seeing a result that is significant. If you have had 5 impressions of each advert and one had 1 conversion and the other had none – is this significant.  Well no it isn’t.  You need to make sure that each.

So let’s calculate statistical significance for our results.

OK we need to make sure we have done enough test to make the numbers start hanging together – it depends on budget, time constraints etc, but you should have at least 10 conversions for each test (30 is better).  This will depend on your website and circumstances.

I will present to you a rough and ready method for making sure your results are significant – if you want a more statistically correct way of doing it, I will present this in a later article, but for most people this will sufi (and will save going cross eyes over the stats).

If we have two tests one has converted 19 times and another 17 times.

Total the number of telephone conversions together. (so in our case this comes to 36)

Calculate the difference between the telephone conversions (in our case 19 -17 = 2)

Take the square root of the total (36) = 6.

If this is greater than the difference then it’s not significant.

So in our case we would need to do further testing.

I would like to reiterate, this is not statistically the best method to use, but it’s a darn site easier than the more accurate methods, and in more cases will do the job.

So there you go, you now know how to test different adverts with call tracking.

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