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What can AdTraka do for you?

So what’s so fantastic about AdTraka, well we might be a little biased but you can Want to find out exactly how much it costs to generate a sales call? Want to know how many pounds it costs to make … Continue reading

Do I need keyword level call tracking?

Maybe, a more helpful question would be ‘How much of your sales come by incoming calls’.  If only a few of your sales are by incoming calls, then you can use traditional web analytics and not need keyword level call … Continue reading

Strategic Keyword Research with Call Tracking

On the internet, just as on the High Street, it’s not only the footfall that counts, but more importantly the revenue from each visitor. Keyword research is critical as an ongoing activity in your Internet Marketing Strategy. Let’s start with … Continue reading

Alternatives to Keyword level Call Tracking

OK so you don’t want to spend any more money than you need to, there are alternatives to using a Keyword level call tracking system such as AdTraka.   We will review a few of them here, with the things … Continue reading

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