Call Tracking Application Notes

Testing Adverts with Call Tracking.

You may well have got used to testing adverts to visitor, or click, level, but what about testing for the conversion after. This can be even more significant with Call Tracking. Note: Although this application note is written for Pay … Continue reading

Call Tracking with multiple offices

It may well be that not every number that appears on your website will be going to the same destination. For instance you may have several sites, and you will have separate numbers for each of these on your website. … Continue reading

Call Tracking with Google Analytics and Email Campaigns

Despite what most agencies would have you believe, not all website visitors are created by search engines.   Indeed, for some websites most will come by email campaigns. So how do you identify visitors that have come through an email … Continue reading

PPC Optimization with Call tracking

Sometimes you don’t want to monitor all your traffic that generates phone calls.  Indeed, it can get in the way if you do.  AdTraka allows you the option to track selected campaigns only. What does this mean? AdTraka can select … Continue reading

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