How Keyword level Call Tracking Works

How AdTraka works

Step 1. Every time a visitor comes to your website, the AdTraka script grabs the visitors search data.

Step 2. The script sends their search data over to our servers. Our server picks out the next available number, and stores the search data against it.

Step 3. This number is then displayed on your website. If that number is then called – we know this visitor called – and all their search data!

Installing AdTraka.

For a typical website, AdTraka can be installed within 10 minutes.

You will have received two snippets of code – the header code, and the wrapper code.

Simply insert the header code before the end of your head section of each web page (just before the /HEAD> HTML tag).

Place the wrapper code around each instance of a phone number, this tells AdTraka where to replace the phone number.

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