Why use call tracking analytics

In brief, if your business receives telephone enquiries, you use call tracking analytics to:

  • Get more revenue for less advertising spend.
  • Focus only on key phrases which are actually converting to sales.
  • Use the campaigns that give you the best ROI.
  • Maximising revenue from your website.
  • Smarter informed choices about marketing channels – online and offline.

AdTraka is all about fine tuning your marketing.

For your paid advertising.

Reduce your PPC costs. With call tracking you see clearly how your paid advertising generates revenue. You can drop the key phrases and campaigns that are not profitable.

For your organic marketing.

Understanding which key phrases generate sales, means you can optimize your website for high conversion key phrases. This gives you the strategy and focus to make a real success of your SEO efforts.

Ensuring all your campaigns are profitable – even offline ones.

With AdTraka in place you can be confident which campaigns are generating the highest returns, whether these are offline, email or any other form of online or offline advertising.

Getting the best conversion rate.

It is easy with AdTraka call tracking to identify which versions of adverts or websites are generating the best sales call rate. For you this means that you can be comfortable in knowing that you have the best possible campaigns working for your business.

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